Personal Loan

Whether it is £300 for a new washing machine, £2000 for a new boiler or £15000 towards a new kitchen, we have a loan for you..

Who is this loan for?

  • you are looking for an affordable personal loan between £250 and £15,000 for a specific item or event, including if
  • you want to buy a car but are unable to use the payroll deduction repayment scheme,
  • you are working but not for an employer who will send us the loan repayment direct from your salary or
  • you have sufficient unearned income to afford the monthly repayments for the term of the loan
  • you are able to make the repayments by direct debit from your bank

Why choose Churches Mutual?

Our members borrow money with us because we offer some key benefits compared with most other providers.

  • Competitive – compare our personal loan rate to other similar products.
  • Manageable – affordable repayments and a clear start and end date.
  • Convenient – repayment direct from your bank.
  • Unambiguous – our advertised rate is what we lend at.

Before you apply

Churches Mutual loans are offered on an affordability basis, therefore we will take into consideration your monthly income, your expenditure and your overall credit history. If you currently have credit commitments that may impact on your ability to repay a Churches Mutual you may wish to consider a Restructuring Loan. Churches Mutual does not offer payday loans but expect all loans to be repaid within a realistic time frame and a manageable budget.

If you are not an existing member of Churches Mutual please check your eligibility before completing the application form.

Churches Mutual now uses ‘Open Banking’ to assist us in assessing the affordability of the loans we make. This means that in most cases it will no longer be necessary to send us bank statements in support of your application (unfortunately the Co-operative Bank is the main exception to this), instead you will receive an email with a link that enables you to give permission for us to download a report to help us with assessing the amount of income you have available to repay a loan. If Open Banking is new to you, Martin Lewis has a good introduction on his website:

If you cannot, or do not wish to use open banking please provide banks statements as requested in the application form.

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