First Post Loan

Who is this loan for?

This loan is for you if:

  • you are due to commence your first stipendiary post (e.g. curacy, first charge, probationer) in the next three-four months
  • you have significant expenditure to make before you start your new post
  • your present income is insufficient to apply for a personal loan fromChurches Mutual or elsewhere
  • your new post is with a denomination (see below) who will send us the repayment direct from your stipend

Before you apply

The First Post Loan is designed for members and those eligible for membership who are about to finish training to apply for a payroll deduction loan (usually for a car but we also accept applications for smaller items such as a course of driving lessons, furniture or a holiday) up to four months BEFORE the first payment of salary or stipend is due.

Funds are disbursed immediately the application is approved, usually within one week of receiving the application form and all supporting information but you will not start actual repayments until you receive your first payment of salary or stipend, although interest will of course accrue in the meantime.

First Post Loans are available if you are taking a stipendiary post within the following denominations:

  • The Methodist Church Of Great Britain
  • The Church in Wales
  • The Church of England
  • The Church of Scotland
  • The United Reformed Church

In order to assess your application we will also need: Confirmation of your new post (letter/email from training incumbent, DDO, District Stationing Officer, Presbytery Clerk or similar) and your permission to contact them Proof of your new address if not included in above The date your new appointment will commence. 

If you are not an existing member of Churches Mutual please check your eligibility before completing the application form.

Remember – Non-Stipendiary or Self Supporting Ministers may apply for a personal loan from Churches Mutual at any time.

Have your bank statements ready

We will also need you to send in your most recent bank statement showing around 6-8 weeks’ transactions and proof of your income, if you regularly use more than one bank account please provide statements for those accounts, too. Don’t worry if you have had unusual expenditure recently due to getting ready to start your ministry.

See our FAQs if you're unsure how to send your statements to us.

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