Downloadable Forms

Once completed, these forms should be sent to Churches’ Mutual either by post, or scanned and emailed to or ideally through our secure online submission form.

Standing Order Form (PDF)

If you manage your bank account online you can use the bank details on this form to make a one-off payment or to set up a regular payment into your credit union account. Or if you prefer you can complete the form and send it to your bank to begin regular payments into your credit union account.


Direct Debit Form - Borrowers Only (PDF)

When you sign for a loan which is to be repaid by direct debit Churches Mutual will send you a direct debit form to complete. If you need to change the bank the direct debit is sent from then please use this form.


Payroll Deduction Form (PDF)

If you work for an employer who offers payroll saving with Churches Mutual then you can use this form to set up the deduction from salary or stipends.


Change of Personal Details (PDF)

Use this form to inform us of any changes to personal details such as name, address or employer.


Loan Application Form (DOCX)

The form should only be used if for any reason you are unable to apply for a loan online.


Corporate Savers Application Form (PDF)

Eligible corporate entities should complete this form to apply for the Corporate Savers Account.