About Churches Mutual Credit Union
Churches Mutual is a Credit Union – a mutual society offering savings and loans which is co-operative owned and controlled by its members.

Who is Churches Mutual?

It was formed in collaboration by the Church of England, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church of Great Britain, the Church in Wales and the Scottish Episcopal Church. It is run by a small but professional staff and governed by a volunteer board. The Common Bond now includes eligible members of the United Reformed Church and The Roman Catholic Church of England & Wales and of Scotland.

Since launching in February 2015 it has processed over 1500 applications from individuals and a further 62 from corporate bodies such as individual churches and regional church bodies such as presbyteries and synods.

More information about Churches Mutual, including a copy of our most recent accounts can be found on the news page.

Why choose a Credit Union?

Credit Unions exist for the benefit of the people who use them. They are mutual, not-for-profit organisations therefore the only shareholders they have to satisfy are the savers and borrowers. It is a simple method of circulating money for the benefit of all who belong to the credit union.